Sunday, 28 June 2009

Week 1 ~ Here's the plan...

I am so excited to be working on a new book!
Oriah is one of my favourite writers,
and I hope you will find her words as lyrical and moving as I do.

This book however is new to me,
so I look forward to exploring it with you.
As it is divided into 12 chapters,
I was planning to work with a chapter each week ~
Sunday, to Sunday,
beginning today.

My hope is to then post my reflections of the previous chapter each Saturday,
and that you might wish to share the same,
in the comments here,
or by a link to your blog.

Although the book,
and it's associated exercises,
are guided for writers predominantly,
I plan to use them as prompts for my art journal ~
so I will not be strictly focussed on the written word.
I know there are those of you hoping to share this journey who are photographers, jewellery makers, as well as writers;
and I hope you will find the chapters help you go deeper within the work of your chosen genre.

As Oriah wrote here:
"This book is about learning to focus your intent and engage your will in order to create while simultaneously learning to let go,
to surrender the process to something larger so that it can carry you deeper into yourself,
your creative work,
and the world."
This is my hope for me.
And this is my hope for you.

So this is the plan.
What do you think?